Highlights from #chi2011

I’m remotely following the #chi2011 hashtag on twitter (tweets from the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems). Here are some of the things that have caught my eye:


  • The 2nd International Workshop on Persuasion, Influence, Nudge & Coercion through mobile devices (link)
  • Workshop on Crowd sourcing and Human Computation (link)
    • Including this paper called “Why I Hate Mechanical Turk Research (And Workshops)”
  • Workshop: Data Collection By the People, For the People (link)
  • Feminism and Interaction Design Workshop (link)

Research, Papers, Fun

  • Motivating Reductions in Domestic Energy Consumption Using Social Networks (link)
  • The Trouble With Social Computing Systems Research (pdf)
  • Make music with your brain & heart beat (video)
  • How do you feel anger, joy, sadness, love? (site)
  • Analytics of CHI 2011 tweets (link)
  • The Social Media Classroom (link)
  • CHI Sustainability Wiki (link)
  • The Tiramisu-Transit App Field trial is presented. This is very close to what I’m building right now!
  • We’ve done all this research… so now what? (slideshare)
  • Playing with cats & technology (youtube)

Twitter – don’t we all love it?

  •  The program has sessions on
  • “Twitter Systems” (Monday 11AM, 4 papers)
  • “Microblogging Behavior” (Tuesday 11AM, 4 papers)
  • Here is a paper by Haewoon Kwak (who I have remotely collaborated with on a SIGIR 2009 paper) looking at unfollow dynamics… and another one that also looks at unfollowing, from the sociological perspective.

Other Companies

  • Microsoft at CHI (link)
  • Google at CHI (link)
  • (Interesting comment on) Apple at CHI (tweet)
  • CHI 2011 also clashes with Google I/O.


  • A Google document has been set up for people to add links to notes/posts/slides.
  • A blog post summarising the RepliCHI panel.
  • The “extended-dance remix” of the final keynote (by @ethanZ) is available here.

This post will be updated as the tweets roll in. The conference closed with a keynote by Ethan Zuckerman: a detailed blog post of his talk is here. And here is the link to CHI 2012!


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