A first glance through the CHI 2012 program

The ACM CHI 2012 programme is up. Although 1,214 papers were rejected from the conference, many interesting ones seem to have made it through. As usual (for me), I’ve glanced through all the titles and abstracts as a first round of filtering future reading. While doing so, I categorised the titles into various groups. Here they are below: what did I miss?

  • Crowdsourcing [148, 202, 117]
    • Communitysourcing: Engaging Local Crowds to Perform Expert Work Via Physical Kiosks
    • LemonAid: Selection-Based Crowdsourced Contextual Help for Web Applications
    • A Quantitative Explanation of Governance in an Online Peer-Production Community
    • Evaluating Compliance-Without-Pressure Techniques for Increasing Participation in Online Communities
    • Social Desirability Bias and Self-Reports of Motivation: A Cross-Cultural Study of Amazon Mechanical Turk in the US and India
    • Your opinion counts! Leveraging social comments for analyzing aesthetic perception of photographs
    • Human Computation Tasks with Global Constraints
    • Strategies for Crowdsourcing Social Data Analysis
    • Direct Answers for Search Queries in the Long Tail
  • Online Communities, Social Networks and Media [146, 203, 139]
    • Profanity Use in Online Communities
    • Panel on failures in social media
    • Designing Social Translucence Over Social Networks
    • Perceptions of Facebook’s Value as an Information Source
    • ReGroup: Interactive Machine Learning for On-Demand Group Creation in Social Networks
  • Twitter [148, 146, 166]
    • “I can’t get no sleep”: Discussing #insomnia on Twitter
    • #EpicPlay: Selecting Video Highlights for Sporting Events using Twitter
    • Twitter and the Development of an Audience: Those Who Stay on Topic Thrive!
    • A Longitudinal Study of Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter Use
    • Breaking News on Twitter
    • The Twitter Mute Button: a Web Filtering Challenge
    • Nokia Internet Pulse: A Long Term Deployment and Iteration of a Twitter Visualization
  • Mobiles, Sensing, Cities [176, 165]
    • Drawing the city: Differing perceptions of the urban environment
    • Augmenting Spatial Skills with Mobile Devices
  • Recommender Systems & Personalization [176, 182, 139]
    • Characterizing Local Interests and Local Knowledge
    • Mobile Service Distribution From the End-User Perspective – The Survey Study on Recommendation Practices
    • AccessRank: Predicting What Users Will Do Next
    • Effects of Behavior Monitoring and Perceived System Benefit in Online Recommender Systems
    • Design and Evaluation of a Command Recommendation System for Software Applications
    • To Switch or Not To Switch: Understanding Social Influence in Online Choices
    • Tell Me More? The Effects of Mental Model Soundness on Personalizing an Intelligent Agent
  • Changing Behaviour [130]
    • A Transformational Product to Improve Self-Control Strength: the Chocolate Machine

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