2014 in Review

My last year in review ended with “I think that 2014 is going to be a year of prioritising and getting things finished.” I think I (mostly!) managed to do just that, with most of my work this year focusing on one project, Emotion Sense. My #YearInReview:

  • Most of the year was dedicated to analysing our growing Emotion Sense data and our results are now taking shape. Gillian presented our first poster. There is so much more yet to come from this; I hope that my 2015 year in review will have this as its first point.
  • We received a grant from the EPSRC’s Impact Acceleration Follow-On Fund, to help turn Emotion Sense into a commercial product for healthcare measurement, monitoring, and intervention. Emotion Sense has also been accepted as an i-Teams project which will kick off in early 2015.
  • We received funding from the Medical Research Council to test and further refine Q Sense: a smoking cessation intervention that (building from Emotion Sense) uses smartphone sensing to guide quitters on a personalised, data driven journey away from tobacco. Felix presented a poster about the project as well.
  • A paper about group co-location in social networks – lead by Chloë – was published in PLoS ONE (arxiv link).
  • I submitted/published a book chapter on “The Anatomy of Mobile Location-based Recommender Systems” (preprint) for the upcoming second version of the Recommender Systems Handbook.
  • I (finally?) published some old work from my time at UCL on crowdsourcing public transit status updates via a smartphone app (pdf).
  • Advait published the results of his masters project analysing shared bicycle systems around the world in an upcoming special edition of Transportation (Special Issue on Emerging, Passively Generated Datasets for Travel Behavior and Policy Analysis).
  • I gave talks in the SACHI Group (University of St. Andrews), Institute for Public Health and Dept. of Psychiatry (University of Cambridge), the E-Health Unit (University College London), and the Dept of Primary Care and Dept. of Education (University of Oxford), at Health 2.0 London, and at Data Science London’s Healthcare hackathon. Every talk was about smartphones (e.g., these slides).
  • I did less consulting work than last year, but what I am doing is more on track with my other work (… smartphones!).

I guess that the trend should continue: I hope that 2015 is going to have Emotion Sense written all over it.


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